Here’s everything you need to know about luxury car hire in London

Luxury car hire in London

Prestige car hire is becoming much more common and this is simply down to wanting to experience the thrill of driving around in one of the best cars in the world.  Find out about us.

Luxury Car Hire for Affordable Prices

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However, when hiring a luxurious car, there can be a slight bit of confusion. We have collected some of the most commonly asked questions and have gathered information to help you find the answer you’re looking for. Get in touch with us for more information.

Q: What is the minimum age to hire a luxury car?

The minimum age will depend on the car you’re looking to hire, but normally the youngest age is 25. Some cars, the driver will need to be 30, whereas others the driver will need to be 27. Before going ahead with a booking, contact your local hire company to discuss your options.

This rule applies to all drivers, including additional.

Q: Are there any mileage limits?

Again this is something that will differ depending on the company you decide to go with. Some companies may have an unlimited mileage option, but this may cost more and others will have 100 miles per day with an extra fee if this has been exceeded.

Q: Is fuel included in the price?

Fuel isn’t included in the price and is down to the driver of the vehicle to keep an eye on this. When you pick up the car you have chosen, it will have more than 1/4 of a tank. Upon return, the car should have the same amount as before.

Q: Can cars be taken to another country?

This will be something to discuss with the company that you choose, but most companies will allow for this at an extra charge. If hiring in the UK, you should only take your hire car to a European country. This MUST be mentioned in your booking. See what’s involved when hiring a Hyundai.

Q: Is insurance included in the price?

Hire companies will include insurance in the price, and is normally a fully comprehensive insurance. The driver of the vehicle is liable for any excess charges if needed. See more advice.