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The Side Car Group are now administered by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT),

We are the prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry, and is the UK’s response to the worldwide crisis in transport.

All socities demand increasing personal mobility and a range of goods that depend on an extensive distribution network. Here we are specialists in all things sidecars and offering the best possible range and information on all types.

The modern industry must operate in a global market and have an efficient transport system to provide its raw materials and distribute its products. At the same time there is serious concern about the effects of pollution, the use of energy, the increasing amounts of space that are needed for the transport infrastructure and the injuries that result from road accidents.

Worldwide, the search is on for vehicle technologies that meet modern expectations for mobility, satisfy strict environmental and safety requirements, and help sustain the competitiveness of manufacturing industry. The challenge to develop technology options that can form the basis of a sustainable transport policy is a formidable one.

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