Creating Custom Sidecars

The ultimate accessory to all automotive vehicles

Sidecars are built for extra storage and space, or even the old fashioned ones are built as a means of a cheaper way of transport. These days, many can be custom built, with materials that will benefit the motorcycle even more. Today’s materials such as fibreglass, is widely used amongst automotive vehicles, offer amazing impact resistance, high stability and UV fast colour, all whilst being lightweight and low maintenance.

Custom Builds: variable quality and require fitting

Custom built sidecars are normally constructed for a specific purpose – for a disabled passenger, numerous people or even a cargo box.

Others are made for extreme adventuring or to re-create a retro design to whatever style they like.

Saloon Side Cars: comfortable, large and old fashioned

Saloon sidecars were at peak popularity in the 30’s and 40’s, and are now considered to be vintage. They aren’t being made as much anymore, due to the increase of other types of sidecars and changes in technology to generate better sidecars – many saloon sidecars are from the war time, suggesting they need improvement.

The idea of these was to transport families cost effectively, one of the most popular choices, designed in the 1900’s was the Panther M120.

Saloon sidecars, by definition, had an enclosed passenger area and as a consequence they were quite large, even a single seat version being significantly tall to provide enough headroom and therefore a large front area is to be expected.

Sports Side Cars: small, light and more affordable

Sports sidecars are amongst the most popular side cars available today, especially the Volerex UK sport sidecar.

They are known to be single seated with open top chairs and are therefore lightweight, suitable for pulling by any medium sized motorcycle. Some are even designed for racing purposes.

Some designs incorporate a boot or behind seat storage and others have screens and fabric roofs for all weather motoring. The technical engineering of the sidecar, especially in sports sidecars is of one of the most advanced as it requires high speed and high durability.

Military Side Cars:  heavy and basic, but versatile and tough

Military sidecars are one of the toughest and well built sidecars, designed to withstand abuse.

The materials of military sidecars are all steel, making chairs and overall weight capacity, heavy.

Passenger comfort for these sidecars is not a priority. It is more about being rugged and tough, making the durability very worthwhile. With a long history of military sidecars, adaptations have ensured the best technology is used for the most versitile designs.

Accessories such as external fuel tanks, spare wheel, spotlights, ammo boxes and machine gun mountings make it useful for many purposes.