Clutch Adjustments

Tighten each nut down until the underside of the head is 1/8″ away from the top of the spring cup. The final adjustment of individual spring pressure is best done with the engine back in the bike and with the clutch cable attached, as the pressure plate has to be lifted and the engine turned over to view the edge of the pressure plate.

Turn the engine over with the clutch lifted and look at the edge of the pressure plate to see if it wobbles as it rotates.

Tighten down the nut nearest to where it is highest by half a turn at a time and after each adjustment release and lift the pressure plate before rotating it again. Continue until the pressure plate lifts evenly.

Next check if the is any clutch slip when turning the engine over against compression. Tighten each of the four nuts by half a turn at a time until the slippage is stopped.